Table 1.

Characteristics of Survey Respondents (n=236)

CharacteristicNo. (%)a
 Female148 (66.1)
 Hispanic/Latino8 (3.6)
 Asian105 (48.2)
 Black or African American3 (1.4)
 Native Hawaiian/other Pacific Islander9 (4.1)
 White94 (43.1)
 More than one race4 (1.8)
 Other3 (1.4)
Degrees or Certificationb
 BS or BA81 (36.2)
 MS or MA or equivalent21 (9.4)
 PharmD211 (94.2)
 Doctorate other than PharmD5 (2.2)
 Residency training130 (58.0)
 Fellowship training13 (5.8)
 Otherc20 (8.9)
Primary Practice Setting
 Hospital inpatient98 (44.5)
 Ambulatory care54 (24.5)
 Managed care20 (9.1)
 Community and hospital outpatient12 (5.5)
 Home health and long term care10 (4.5)
 Miscellaneous: pharmaceutical industry, poison control and other26 (11.8)
  • a Values might not sum to 236 because respondents were not required to answer all questions

  • b Categories are not mutually exclusive; therefore, totals exceed 100%

  • c Includes respondents who specified additional certification credentials (eg, board-certified pharmacotherapy specialist, certified geriatrics pharmacist)