Table 4.

Comparison of Preceptors' Confidence in Their Abilities to Precept Student Pharmacists and Previous Preceptor Traininga (n=227)

TrainingAgree (%)Not Sure/ Disagree (%)pb
Foster skills related to critical thinkingYes93.86.20.037
Foster skills related to problem solvingYes96.63.40.003
Clarify expectations (eg, for a given task, daily responsibilities, deadlines for assignments, student performance measures)Yes99.40.60.032
Evaluate a student's knowledge (eg, signs & symptoms of sepsis, definition of hypertension; target LDL, legal requirements for storing a CII substance)Yes97.82.20.008
  • Abbreviations: LDL = low density lipoprotein

  • a Includes training received during a pharmacy residency or fellowship or through completion of a live or written continuing education program.

  • b Both 1-sided and 2-sided Fisher's Exact tests were performed.

  • Response scale range: 1=strongly agree to 5=strongly disagree