Table 4.

Multivariate Analysis of Predictors of Publishing

PredictorsOdds Ratiop
Predictors of Publishing
 Working in France versus Québec3.52< 0.001
 Male versus female1.880.027
 Having academic duties versus not2.140.027
 Having a PhD versus not3.920.005
 Having participated in a clinical trial versus not2.330.003
 Having obtained funding in one's own name versus not3.070.003
Number of hours of work in a week
 Less than 35 hours versus more than 50 hours0.180.004
 35 to 50 hours versus more than 50 hours0.300.003
Non-Predictors of Publishing
 Non-Single versus single1.260.5
 Number of Children
 No child versus 4 children0.740.72
 1 child versus 4 children0.790.79
 2 children versus 4 children1.050.95
 3 children versus 4 children0.900.91
 Working in a UHC versus not1.390.23
 Supervising Students versus not1.500.24
 Number of Years Worked
 Less than 10 years versus more than 30 years0.470.29
 10 to 20 years versus more than 30 years0.590.46
 20 to 30 years versus more than30 years0.490.35
  • Multivariate ordinal logistic regression was conducted to model only the number of papers published in Medline-indexed journals according to the following selected categories: no publication in a Medline-indexed journal, one to five publications in a Medline-indexed journal and at least six publications in a Medline-indexed journal.