Table 1.

Example of a Clinical Evidence Table for One Study in the Monograph Assignment

ReferenceStudy DesignPatient Population (N)Medication CohortsDurationResultsNotes/Comments
Stevenson (2007)R, PC, P, DB≥18 years old; diagnosis of Alz; MMSE >20Drug A group: N=3312 weeksDrug A group: Decrease in MMSE score, Mean (SD) = 2.5 (2)Drug A was better than Drug B in reducing MMSE. Limitations: Patients in Drug A were significantly older than patient in Drug B group.
Drug B group: N=55Drug B group: Decrease in MMSE score, Mean (SD) = 0.5 (0.5) p = 0.03
  • Abbreviations: R = randomized, PC = placebo-controlled, P = prospective, DB = double-blinded. Alz = Alzheimer's disease; MMSE=Mini Mental State Examination.