Table 1.

Learning Objectives for Introductory Learning Objectives for Strengths Instruction

Learning ObjectivesBloom's Taxonomy
Describe the value of the strengths philosophy and the StrengthsFinder assessment to pharmacy.Comprehension
Recall responses to three strengths related myths (ie, you become more of who you are, you grow most in your areas of strength, your team needs you to volunteer your strengths most of the time).Knowledge
Define strengths and the intersection of knowledge, skills, and Signature Themes.Comprehension
Explain your top 5 Signature Themes and the major concepts from those Themes that resonate with you.Comprehension
Cite examples of recent uses of your Signature Themes in pharmacy.Application
Identify opportunities for future uses of your Signature Themes (eg, APPEs, career, personal life).Application
Discuss your Signature Themes with othersComprehension
Examine your use of your Signature Themes as part of regular self assessments of professional progressAnalysis
Describe methods for working around weaknessesComprehension