Table 3.

VARK Analysis of Pharmacy Students Who Participated in a Study on the Effectiveness of Using Educational Card Games to Teach Pharmacotherapeutics, N = 43

VariableHighest Category, No. (%)aScore, Mean (SD)bCardiology CorrelationInfectious Diseases Correlation
Visual6 (13.3)6.3 (3.0)0.060.25
Aural10 (22.2)7.3 (2.4)0.060.08
Read-write10 (22.2)7.2 (3.5)0.070.02
Kinetic10 (22.2)7.2 (2.4)0.200.03
VARK total score28.0 (6.9)0.050.06
Multimodal28 (65.1)
  • a Total for highest category is greater than 100% as students had their highest scores in more than 1 learning preference.

  • b Average score represents the number of times a student selected either visual, aural, read-write, or kinesthetic as their answer from the 16-question analysis.