Table 1.

Survey to Determine the Impact of Guest Speakers on Pharmacy Students Enrolled in a Professional Development Seminar Series (%)

Instructional Methods: In the professional development seminar series:
 1. Guest speakers enhanced my learning54.443.52.200
 2. An appropriate number of guest speakers was used60.939.1000
 3. In general, the guest speakers communicated effectively54.441.34.400
 4. The guest speakers exposed me to a variety of careers in the pharmacy profession87.010.92.200
 5. Sufficient time was allowed for students to ask questions of the guest speakers52.
 6. Asking questions helped me improve my oral communication skills28.334.832.64.40
 7. Having guest speakers helped improve my self-confidence to ask questions17.437.041.34.40
The Written Reflection Assignments: Writing about guest speakers’ presentations:
 8. Broadened my thinking about my societal role as a pharmacist54.439.16.500
 9. Broadened my definition of what it means to be a pharmacist54.439.14.42.20
 10. Improved my written communication skills23.952.221.82.20
 11. Improved my writing skills in other courses8.739.145.76.50
 12. Helped me to think critically28.347.823.900
 13. Fostered a trusting relationship with my advisor65.234.8000
 14. Receiving feedback from my advisor was valuable to me80.417.42.200
Broadening Student Outlook/Personal and Social Growth: The guest speakers:
 15. Made me become more empathetic toward patients who live with chronic or life-threatening illnesses47.834.815.22.20
 16. Increased my awareness that, as a future pharmacist, it is my professional responsibility to use my knowledge for the benefit of others60.930.46.52.20
 17. Increased my awareness that, as a future pharmacist, I must work now to improve my communication and interpersonal skills so that others may benefit from those improvements in the future63.123.910.92.20
 18. Exposed me to pharmacy career opportunities I did not know about beforehand76.123.9000
 19. Helped me focus on my career goals43.541.315.200
 20. Helped me begin to formulate my career goals43.547.88.700
 21. Contributed to my rethinking and possibly changing my pharmacy career goals41.339.115.24.40
 22. Helped me decide, in part, which advanced pharmacy practice experiences to select for my fourth professional year41.343.58.76.50
 23. Made me more aware of my career interests43.541.315.200
 24. Increased my awareness of personal talents I could use in my pharmacy career23.947.826.12.20
  • a SA = strongly agree, A = agree, N = neutral, D = disagree, SD = strongly disagree