Table 1.

Student and Instructor Materials

Student Materials
Instruction Sheet: An instruction sheet provided student instructions for each of the steps or stages in the activity, including individual and group activities.
Clinical Literature: The clinical literature publication on the effects of red yeast rice on cholesterol. Students were assigned the reading prior to coming to class and referred to it throughout the activity.
Clinical Trial Evaluation (CTE) Rubric: Students used the CLE Rubric to individually score the article before and after the activity.
Blank Article Vocabulary and Concepts Worksheet: Students used the worksheet to individually identified and recorded 3-5 vocabulary words or concepts from the article they did not understand.
Instructor Materials
Instruction Sheet: This instruction sheet provides instructor-specific directions to support implementation.
Completed Article Vocabulary and Concepts Worksheet: provided extensive information about vocabulary or concepts presented throughout the article. In the initial implementation of this activity this sheet was only given to the instructors to help facilitate the large group discussion, however, the revised version of the activity adds the completed sheet as a student handout following the large group discussion. Providing students with the completed article vocabulary and concepts worksheet further promotes independent learning and reduces variability between instructors or instruction between different sections of the laboratory. The combined use of the blank and completed worksheets and individual and group vocabulary work is intended to help students with self-identifying knowledge gaps and develop skills to look up and verify definitions and associated information.