Grade and constructive comments for the group
Clinical Reasoning
Scope of hypotheses - students show an exploration of a broad range of issues in their hypotheses and apply their pre-existing knowledge and reasoning skills to create and refine their hypotheses
Problem-solving skills - students demonstrate the ability to identify, prioritize, and resolve patient health-related issues evident in the case
Research evidence - student recommendations for case management are referenced and supported by current evidence from the scientific literature
Reflective Practice
Application of knowledge - students are able to identify a practical application of knowledge acquired from their case into their observed or current pharmacy practice experiences
Cohesiveness- the presentation made by the group appears cohesive in that there is continuity of facts and ideas and agreement in solution, demonstrating that the group has worked effectively together.
Presentation skills
Summary - students summarize the case and demonstrate an understanding of important issues
Case organization - students organize the case well, using relevant criteria, eg, chronology, issue type, etc.
Aesthetics - student presentation is visually and graphically appealing and contributes to increased understanding of the case
Creativity - students use creative and fresh ideas to present their ideas on the PBL case scenario
  • Overall Grade for the group

  • For each of the criteria, please look at grade descriptors, and assign a grade for those criteria. The overall grade should be assigned based on an average of the grades assigned to each of the criteria.