Table 2.

Faculty Priorities for Curricular Change from Retreat Poll

PrioritiesaResponse, %
Develop a consistent management system for stream topics to improve coordination of streams of knowledge, skill, and attitudes across the curriculum62
Redefine program outcomes and clarify and agree upon the proficiency level that students need to demonstrate for each outcome27
Repetition and assessment of pharmacy math skills beyond the P1 math course22
Separation of non-prescription and self-care into an individual course13
Improvement and consistency in teaching problem solving and critical thinking.11
Develop a mechanism to ensure that all students meet minimum standards before beginning APPE (eg, high stakes assessment)9
Maintain or increase focus on use of drug information9
Reassess/improve the content of pharmacology within pharmaceutical care module and throughout the curriculum7
Reassess/improve the content and location of the social and behavioral sciences in the curriculum7
Standardize and streamline IPPE and APPE objectives and competencies7
Develop consistent acute care and ambulatory care APPE outcomes and assessments4
Rebuild curriculum and teaching methods using continuous self-assessment4
Standardize expectations and methods for teaching SOAP notes4
Better dissemination of information being taught in courses and how this information integrates (i.e. simplify PCMS database)4
Re-evaluate the focus of student assessments (knowledge versus skills)4
Review the content of medicinal chemistry in the Principles of Drug Action course4
Develop a basic skills log book for IPPEs and APPEs4
  • Abbreviations: P1 = pharmacy year 1, APPE = advanced pharmacy practice experience, IPPE = Introductory pharmacy practice experience, PCMS = pharmacy curriculum management system

  • a Priorities are listed for those receiving more than 1 faculty vote. There were an additional 24 priorities listed by only 1 faculty member (2%) per priority area.