Table 2.

Demographics of Respondents to a Survey on Active-Learning Use in US Colleges and Schools of Pharmacy, N=1179

VariableResponses, %
Type of institution
Age of program
 Established before 199672
 Established after 199628
 Assistant professor41
 Associate professor32
 Pharmaceutical/basic sciences25
 Pharmacy practice/clinical51
 Social/behavioral/administrative sciences9
Curriculum type
 Somewhat integrated42
 Completely integrated15
 Somewhat problem based17
 Completely problem based1
Active learning strategies
 PBL including case-based learning71
 Discussion-based learning50
 Team-based learning47
 Audience response systems/clickers45
 Patient simulation25
 Traditional laboratory experiences19
 Interactive Web-based learning16
 POGIL/inquiry/discovery learning12
 Interactive spaced education4
  • Abbreviations: PBL = problem-based learning; POGIL = process-oriented guided inquiry learning