Table 1.

Mean PCAT Scores and GPAs by Status at the End of the First Year of Pharmacy Study for Students Entering the Participating Programs in Fall Semester 2008

Academic CharacteristicsStill EnrolledDiscontinued Prior to Second Year
Good Academic StandingAcademic Probation
PCAT Verbal Ability SS412.3403.7399.6
PCAT Biology SS417.5406.4402.8
PCAT Reading Comprehension SS412.1404.2401.3
PCAT Quantitative Ability SS414.5403.9405.4
PCAT Chemistry SS417.2404.2401.5
PCAT Composite SS414.7404.6402.1
PCAT Writing: Conventions of Language3.032.862.81
PCAT Writing: Problem Solving2.952.982.84
Entering GPA: Cumulative3.53.33.4
Entering GPA: Math3.53.23.3
Entering GPA: Science3.43.13.3
First-Year Pharmacy GPA3.32.42.1
n (%)2,161 (96.3)57 (2.5)26 (1.2)
  • Abbreviations: PCAT = Pharmacy College Admission Test; SS = scaled score; GPA = grade point average; entering GPA = earned prior to admission to pharmacy program; first-year pharmacy GPA = GPA earned during the first year of a doctor of pharmacy program; mean GPA for all first-year students = 3.2 (n = 2244)