Table 2.

Final-Year Pharmacy Students Who Responded Correctly to Knowledge Questions on Adverse Drug Reactions

Survey ItemAnswered Item Correctly, No. (%)
Pharmacoepidemiology definition401 (96.2)
Pharmacovigilance is the process of253 (60.7)
Which is the following regulatory body in Malaysia that regulates ADR reporting: MADRAC392 (94.0)
Which of the following terms refers to the definition: adverse drug reactions318 (76.3)
It is necessary to confirm that an ADR is related to a particular drug before reporting it.74 (17.7)
What is the consequence of serious ADR?362 (86.8)
The minimum information required for the submission of an initial ADR report?380 (91.1)
Adverse drug reaction related to the following products should be reported: herbal products129 (30.9)
Type A ADR definition319 (76.5)
Type B ADR definition249 (59.7)
  • Abbreviations: ADR=adverse drug reaction