Table 3.

Pharmacy Student Pre- and Post-Experience Survey Scores, N=96a

Survey QuestionNo. of ResponsesbResponse, Mean (SD)
I am comfortable talking with children between the ages of 5 and 8.Pre2044211102.2 (0.9)
Post57332131.5 (0.9)c
I feel confident in discussing principles of good nutrition.Pre155221802.2 (0.8)
Post51393121.6 (0.8)c
I believe it is important for pharmacists to be able to communicate with children.Pre61323001.4 (0.6)
Post74172031.3 (0.8)
I believe that it is important for pharmacists to understand and explain the principles of good nutrition.Pre61305001.4 (0.6)
Post67233121.4 (0.8)
I believe there is a significant need for nutrition education for elementary students.Pre55383001.5 (0.6)
Post59322031.5 (0.8)
I believe I will have/had a significant impact on elementary students through the “Kids Eat Healthy” program.Pre215419202 (0.7)
Post42474121.7 (0.8)c
The “Kids Eat Healthy” program is an important part of the LECOM Bradenton Doctor of Pharmacy curriculum.Pre305311201.8 (0.7)
Post61264231.5 (0.9)c
  • a 1 = strongly agree (SA); 2 = agree (A); 3 = neutral (N); 4 = disagree (D); 5 = strongly disagree (SD).

  • b Percentages were not reported as n = 96, and would therefore provide similar data

  • c p <0.05.