Table 2.

Example Parallel Question From Each Version of the Midterm Examinations in an Online Pharmacotherapy Course for Undergraduate and Graduate Nursing Students

Midterm A. Nicotine gum administrationMidterm B. Nicotine lozenge administration
Jason returns to the clinic to follow up after his pneumonia resolved. Given this infection and his asthma, Jason decides it is finally time to quit smoking. He has been trying to slowly cut back on the number of cigarettes he smokes each day, but is struggling with cravings. He is interested in trying nicotine gum. Which of the following would you include in your patient education to Jason on how to use nicotine gum?Lisa also reports increased chest tightness and coughing. Upon further questioning, you discover she recently started smoking. She is currently smoking 3 or 4 cigarettes a day. You provide Lisa with some behavior modification techniques. To cope with cravings, Lisa is going to use the nicotine lozenge. Which of the following would you include in your patient education to Lisa on how to use nicotine lozenges?
a. chew gum quickly for 20 minutesa. aggressively suck on lozenges to release nicotine
b. park gum only on one side of his mouthb. do not rotate lozenges around the mouth
c. drink a glass of juice before usingc. use multiple lozenges to get maximum benefit
d. stop chewing at sign of peppery tastead. avoid food or drink before using lozengesa
Midterm C. Nicotine patch administrationMidterm D. Nicotine patch administration
Tom comes back to clinic a week later. He is having trouble keeping the patch on his skin. He is also having mild skin irritation with the patch. What do you tell him to do?Phyllis is smoking a little over half a pack a day. She reports struggling with cravings and wishes to use the nicotine patch to help her quit. She has used it in the past and was successful. You review how to use it. Which of the following do you tell her regarding the nicotine patch?
a. apply lotion before applying the patcha. apply lotion before applying the patch
b. do not let the patch be exposed to waterb. do not smoke while using the patcha
c. switch to a different brand of the nicotine patchac. place the patch on the same site every day
d. place the patch on the same site every dayd. do not wear the patch overnight
  • a Correct answer.