Table 3.

Standardized APPE Evaluation Form Domains and Curricular Outcomes

DomainsCurricular Outcomes
Patient Assessment1
Drug Therapy Assessment1,3
Develop, Implement, and Monitor Drug Therapy Plans2,3
Communication Abilities1,2
Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills1,2
Management/Organizational Abilities5,6
Self-Learning Abilities4,6
Professional Ethics and Identity6,8
Social Interaction, Citizenship, and Leadership6,7
  • Abbreviations: APPE = advanced pharmacy practice experience.

  • Curricular Outcomes: (1) Evaluate pharmacotherapy; (2) Provide appropriate pharmacotherapy interventions; (3) Ensure appropriate drug distribution; (4) Maintain and enhance competence through self-initiated learning; (5) Manage the pharmacy within the organization's business plan; (6) Develop practice and leadership; (7) Participate in public health and professional initiatives and policies; (8) Advance the profession.