Table 3.

Multiple Regression Analyses for PCAT Scores, Entering GPAs, and Demographic Variables as Predictors of First-Year Pharmacy GPAS

Predictor VariablesRegression Models
1. PCAT Scores2. Entering GPAs3. PCAT Scores + Entering GPAs4. PCAT Scores + Entering GPAs + All Demo.
PCAT Verbal Ability SS-0.003-0.07****
PCAT Biology SS0.
PCAT Reading Comprehension SS0.
PCAT Quantitative Ability SS0.0040.08****
PCAT Chemistry SS0.010.170.0040.090.010.11
PCAT Writing: CL******
PCAT Writing: PS******
Entering GPA: Math0.
Entering GPA: Science0.970.370.870.340.950.37
Candidate Earned: At Least Bachelor's0.280.12
All Other Demographic Variables**
  • Abbreviations: PCAT = Pharmacy College Admission Test; R2 = coefficient of determination; SS = scaled score; CL = conventions of language; PS = problem solving; GPA = grade point average; Age = candidate's age on Aug. 1, 2008; All Other Demographic Variables = student's sex, ethnicity, native language, citizenship, parents' education, previous level and type of school attended; PCAT Scores = all subtest scores combined; Unst. = unstandardized regression coefficients; Stand. = standardized coefficients estimates; All Demo. = all demographic variables available; * = no significant contribution

  • Writing CL and PS scores were dummy variables set as 1 when greater than or equal to 3.0 (otherwise 0). All demographic variables except age were dummy variables (either 1 or 0).