Table 2.

Correlations Between Predictors and GPA in First Year of Pharmacy Program (N = 2,244)

VariableFirst Year GPA
PCAT Verbal Ability SS0.
PCAT Biology SS0.260.070.350.12
PCAT Reading Comprehension SS0.
PCAT Quantitative Ability SS0.
PCAT Chemistry SS0.290.090.360.13
PCAT Composite SS0.320.100.440.20
PCAT Writing: Conventions of Language0.060.003
PCAT Writing: Problem Solving0.060.003
Entering GPA: Cumulative0.440.19
Entering GPA: Math0.280.08
Entering GPA: Science0.440.19
  • Abbreviations: SS = scaled score; GPA = grade point average; r = correlation coefficient; r2 = the percent of one variable explainable by another variable

  • All correlations are weighted means of the correlations for the 22 schools combined based on Fisher's z transformations; the corrected correlations were done using the formula of Cohen et al.5