Table 1.

Goals and Objectives for an Academic Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience Co-Precepted by Two Faculty Members

APPE GoalsObjectives
Introduce broad-based faculty responsibility
  • Classroom teaching

  • Online teaching

  • Committee service

  • Administrative service

  • Student service (student organization advising)

  • Scholarly writing

Provide genuine teaching experience
  • Individual/group tutoring

  • Learning tool development

  • In-class learning facilitation (lecture or recitation session)

Promote scholarly development
  • Weekly ‘journal club’ discussions

  • Publish editorial in peer-reviewed pharmacy education journal

Advance administrative progress
  • Curriculum mapping

  • Active contribution to Committee discussions (eg, curriculum reform)

Enhance awareness of faculty development opportunities within the academy
  • School-based faculty development programs

  • University-based faculty development programs

Expand understanding of academic career options through focused faculty interviews
  • Pharmacy Department Chairs

  • AACP Academic Leadership Fellows

  • Clinical faculty with practice focus of interest

Develop awareness of personal leadership strengths
  • Strengths Finder11 (Gallup talents assessment tool)

Engage in reflection (journaling and discussion-based)
  • Professional goals-setting in light of personal circumstances

  • Development of professional skills, strengths and aptitudes

  • Expanding awareness of the ‘degree of fit’ between the above and academic life