Table 1.

Content Overlap of a Toxicology Elective with Pharmacology III and Pharmacotherapy II Courses

Toxicology Elective ContentContent Overlap With:
Pharmacology IIIPharmacotherapy II
Introduction to toxicology and risk assessment, introduction to emergency management of toxicological emergencies
Routes of toxic exposures and classification of effects (local vs. systemic, reversible vs. irreversible, etc), dose-response relationships
Target organ toxicity
Toxicokinetics and Toxicity testing using in vitro and in vivo models
Principles of chemical carcinogenesis and mutagenesis
Principles of reproductive and developmental toxicology
Principles of radiation toxicology; historic radiation-related accidents
Toxicity of therapeutic agents: sedative/hypnotics, anticholinergic drugs, and neuroleptic drugs
Toxicity of therapeutic agents: acetaminophen, salicylates, NSAIDs, and steroids
Toxicity of therapeutic agents: cardiovascular drugs
Toxicity of potential drugs of abuse: opioids and sympathomimetics
Toxicity of potential drugs of abuse: hallucinogenic agents
Toxicity of vitamins, herbs, and alcohols
Toxicity of metals
Agents of biological and chemical warfare
  • Abbreviations: NSAIDS: nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs