Table 1.

Percentage of Correct Responses by Third-Year Pharmacy Students to Health Literacy Knowledge Statements (N = 76)

Pretest and Posttest Questions (N = 76)Correct AnswerPretestPosttestP
Health literacy refers only to a person's ability to read.False100100NAb
Years of schooling are a good estimate of a person's reading level.False53.993.4<0.01c
Adequate health literacy means the ability to read, understand, and process health information.True96.11000.25
People will tell you if they cannot read.False97.41000.5
Family members of people with low literacy usually know about their low literacy.False82.977.60.48
People with low health literacy usually identify medications by the name on the bottle. (n = 75)False8893.40.42
People with low health literacy are more likely to misinterpret medication instructions provided on prescription labels.True97.41000.5
People with low health literacy know what their medicationsare for.False90.997.40.12
Often people with low health literacy will bring family members along when talking to healthcare professionals.True68.490.8<0.01
When given material to read, low literacy patients will give excuses to avoid reading health information materials.True92.1100<0.05
Persons with low health literacy can be found in all segments of society.True97.41000.5
Age is a significant risk factor for developing poorliteracy.True47.480.3<0.01
People with high education and income levels are not at risk for developing low health literacy.False94.798.70.38
People with low literacy are usually compliant with their medications.False98.7100NAb
Patients with low health literacy have ___ health outcomes than patients with adequate health literacy.Worse98.798.7NAb
What % of the US has limited health literacy?30–39%
Most people with low health literacy have ___ IQs.Average55.388.2<0.01
The average American reads at or below the ______ grade level.8th–9th30.346.10.15a
Most written health information for patients is written at the ____ grade level.10th grade19.743.4<0.01a
When counseling patients with low health literacy, a pharmacist should: Use simple language, Use open-ended questions, Have patients repeat back instructions. All of the aboveAll of the above.10097.40.5
Overall 77.5788.56 
  • a Wilcoxon signed rank test for paired samples performed.

  • b McNemar test could not be performed because pretest and posttest variables were not dichotomous.

  • c Significant difference.